Contribution guidelines

Let's build together!

There is still work to be done and we would like YOU to build with us. Here you will find the projects we are working on. You can take any unassigned issue in the Todo column that are not marked as "TeamOnly". The issues with the "good first issue" label are a good place to start. Go here to view some of the issues waiting for you.

  1. Go into the issue and assign it to your self.

  2. Fork and clone the repository

  3. Create a branch in the fork The branch should be based on the development branch in the master repository.

  4. Commit changes on your branch

  5. Push the changes to your fork

  6. Create a Pull Request In the Github UI of your fork, create a Pull Request to the development branch of the repository. If the branch has merge conflicts or has been outdated, please do a rebase against the development branch.

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